Thursday, 24 July 2008

Withdrawal Symptoms

No, I'm not addicted to drugs or alcohol. But I seem to go thru some kind of withdrawal every time I move countries--a problem that only some people can relate to, I presume.

This is the period when I miss so many friends, and because I've lived in three other countries, my heart is spread out that much. Since I joined the whole Facebook phenom, I've been trying my best to satisfy the desire to keep in touch. But it doesn't seem to be enough. What insatiable desire!

I constantly think about ways to visit my friends in different parts of the world. The drawback of having been to so many countries is that you don't have all your friends in one place.

Nevertheless, there's not much for me to do about that right now. I'm edging back into the real world of work and adjusting to my new life in Bangkok. Things are moving along fine. I hope to secure a two-year teaching stint at this Thai-Japanese Association School. It's probably the oldest international school in Bangkok, very well established and has rich resources and, needless to say, offers a generous teaching package to expats.

I'm also eyeing this cute apartment located on Ratchada Pisek, near the heart of Bangkok. Although it's a small studio apartment, but I can simply walk down and access a world of food. It's like having a feast all day, every day. Several expats also live on this street and many of my friends--a great location for doing ministry work.

Anyhow, the next step hinges on whether I get this teaching job or not. I'm still going through the whole Thai beauraucracy regarding foriegn hires. Pray for me yall, if you come across this little request.

p.s. I'm learning how to pray in Thai. It's a bit awkward but cute, I think.

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