Thursday, 9 October 2008

On Matters of Talents & Dating Practices

I don't consider myself as someone with exceptional talents, but I've got some. Having been part of big churches like the OC or the Jakarta church, I only had offered one or two talents at most to serve others. Things like encouraging or serving others. I'm quite good at washing dishes by the way. When we had parties back in the US, I'd be the one to wash dishes. Strange to say, but I love washing dishes. I find it therapeutic since my job involves a considerable amount of brain work, I prefer to do things without having to think once in a while.

At this point I have to go off on a tangent and link the topic of washing dishes to dating. In our church, tradition has it that when disciples go on dates in the US, whoever asks the other out takes care of everything. For instance, if you ask somebody out and decide to prepare a meal at home, then you'll be doing both the cooking and cleaning. Fair enough since your date gets to feel like a prince or princess for the night. But in Australia, the rules are if you prepare the meal, your date washes the dishes. I was surprised when that first happened to me. By the time I made it down under, I was so conditioned to cook and clean on a date for my prince like a good Cinderella that I am. But soon I realized that when in Australia, do as the Australians do, as my modified version of the saying goes. That way we both can share the Cinderella experience together. Oh, so romantic!

Oh ya. Back on the whole talent thing.

I've been back in Thailand about two months now and I have done more for the Bangkok church than I probably did eight years in big churches. I got to share my life/preach for the first time to the single sisters at midweek. That was a nerve-wracking but worthwhile experience. All of it, the preparation, butterflies on stage, and cleaning up afterwards since I asked them to write down their anxieties on a piece of paper and physically cast them on the floor as a reminder of how Christ wants us to cast our anxieties on him. I'm also designated the interpreter now for the church. Sometimes, I get to joke around with my audience if I know who are listening. In addition, I'll begin translating sections of a book from English to Thai. That'd be interesting and daunting at the same time since I haven't written anything properly in Thai for fourteen years. But a friend told me not to worry because she'll ask somebody to translate my Thai into the normal Thai.

Yes, my Thai is still rusty and I still use wrong words here and there and mix some English words in my Thai. But I'm getting much better now.

All in all, I'm glad God has blessed me with talents and there's nothing better than using them to glorify him and to benefit his kingdom.

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